Understanding the Threats

Understanding the threat

The SWG-IMEG CC cyber threat intelligence team is working to improve the cybersecurity of our global digital eco-system by enabling near real-time, high quality cyber threat information gathering and sharing amongst various Commercial and Government organizations in the cyber security field.

Every nation, has become dependent on the Internet – and use it for communication, banking, shopping online, storing information, educating, and in government sector as well as the Internet opens up new worlds to users.But while cyberspace offers great opportunities, it also comes with vulnerabilities. The information networks and technology are constantly at risk from a variety of bad actors using a multitude of techniques – remote hacking intrusions, the placement of malware, spear phishing and other means of gaining access to networks and information.Some of these bad actors are criminals motivated by profit, particularly in the areas of identity theft and other forms of financial cybercrime. The cost of cybercrime – already in the billions of dollars – rises each year.But cyber threats also come from nation states and other actors who seek to exploit information to gain an advantage against any nation. They might seek an economic advantage, or to gain insight into our military or foreign policy. Denial of service attacks disrupt business and undermine confidence. Terrorists and extremist groups today use the power of the Internet, especially social media, to spread their messages of hate and intolerance, and to recruit new members, often targeting vulnerable young people. The global reach of cyberspace and the complexity of its networks provide bad actors ample places to hide, safe from the reach of international law.

To meet these challenges, the Strategic Warfare Group not only maps the cyber threat of an adversary but also allows the national and military leaders, policy makers and law enforcement personnel to take a decision for protecting the Critical Infrastructure and national security information.


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