Government Solutions


The SWG-IMEG CC Government Solutions provides a wide range of expertise, frameworks, advocacy, policies and profiling catered to various departments  within the Governement.

Cyber Security Policy & Programs

The SWG-IMEG CC can help develop & manage IT security programs, and helps agencies implement IT policy that enhances the safety and resiliency of the government’s systems and networks.

Cyber Security Services & Community

The SWG -IMEGCC offers an array of services that help Government departments immprove reisilence and protect critical information.

Formulation of Cyber Strategies , Directives , Plans , Policies and Frameworks

Every nation today is facing cyber threat graver than before and in response, most of them are in pursuance of implementing significant measures to counter cyber threats. It has become the high-level priority for every nation to secure its digital infrastructure. For the same purpose, IMEGCC SWG not only formulates national cyber strategies, directives, plans, policies and frameworks to take an active role in combating cyberattacks but also provide services for the implementation of these strategies.

capability & System assessment

Building a reliable and strong network is as important as laying foundation for an organization’s operations.  It is also a first step to analyze the vulnerabilities of a networking system.  In this regard, IMEGCC SWG performs network assessment to analyze and identify the scope of improving IT infrastructure, management, security, and performance of an organizational processes.




Cyber Security Standards & Framework

Cyber security standards are generally techniques which are set forth to safeguard the cyber environment of a user or any organization. This environment not only includes users themselves, but also networks, software, devices, applications, services, data in storage, and systems which are directly or indirectly to networks. IMEG-SWG not only transforms a non-tech-nations to the level of world cyber standards but also ensure to prevent the risks, and mitigation of cyberattacks by providing collection of tools, security safeguards, concepts, guidelines, approaches, risk management, best practices, training, technologies and assurances.

Cyber Rules & Regulations


At present, most nations do not have particular laws dealing with cyber security and cyber threats. Instead, there are patchwork of rules and regulations which have been developed to respond to the cyber threats. Besides, most developing nations are devoid of industry-related cyber legislation. IMEG-SWG holds strong credentials to develop Cyber Rules and Regulations in order to keep pace with compliance and regulatory obligations and a detailed perspective approach to the regulations in this area.

War Games & exercises

War games build capacity and test resilience of any nation. It is apparent that static security protocols provide insufficient defense against latest and sophisticated cyber-attacks and organizations are required to build confidence in cyber capabilities in order to recover increasingly and resume normal operations.  It always needs an effective and efficient combination of technology and managerial procedures for the capability to resist, reach and manage such cyber-attacks. However, it is found that different members react at different situational analysis, communication, working practices and decision making. In any such situation, it becomes important to enhance the organizations capabilities, knowledge, awareness and understanding by simulating a unique process which may enable the employees to learn under real-world challenges which a war game provides. IMEG-SWG feels proud to be the pioneer organization in conducting Cyber War Games to the Government and Military Officials.

Formation of Red Team

From phishing attacks to ransomware, cyberthreats are growing rapidly which requires formation of a team which can not only counter it but also provide futuristic solutions. We at IMECCG-SWG, not only form Cyber Read Teams which has the capability to identify and assess vulnerabilities, test assumptions, view alternate methods for launching attack and reveal risks for any organizations.

Threat Analysis

Cyberthreats are no longer considered a single threat but once it is launched, it becomes a series of sustained cyberattacks by sophisticated attackers who use blend of social engineering and technical knowledge and skills to peep into the network and get the immediate access of most important assets. In order to avoid such happening, IMECCG-SWG does cyber threat analysis which is a long process with the help of internal and external knowledge of information vulnerabilities, important to the particular organization against the real-world cyberattacks.


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