Cybersecurity Programs & Policy

Cybersecurity programs & policy

The SWG-IMEG CC can help develop & manage  IT security programs, and helps agencies implement IT policy that enhances the safety and resiliency of the government’s systems and networks.

Effective solutions to government cyber challenges

In response to the recent worldwide cyber attacks and data breaches, along with budget pressure and public expectations of flexibility for any Government, the SWG – IMEGCC is changing how it addresses cyber threats and larger business risks by leveraging following four strategies:
  • Proactive cyber threat hunting
  • Increased use and sharing of cyber intelligence data
  • Continuous security monitoring, with an emphasis on boundary protection and security event lifecycle management
  • Automation and orchestration of security operations
  • Identity ,Crendential, and Access Management (ICAM)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Domain & Web Hosting
  •  Federal Risk & Authroization Management Program Development
  •  Federal Public Key Infrastructure
  • Government Blueprint for Secure CyberSpace
  • Risk Management 
  • Key Information Security Terms
  • Cyber crime Law
  • Prevention of Electronics Crimes Act
  •  Information Technology Act Proposal
  • Guidelines on Federal Cyberspace Information Security & Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Plans
  • Department based Cyber Security Profiling 
  • Cyber Incident Coordination Planning & Management


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