Intelligence. It’s the ability to think abstractly. Challenge the unknown. Solve the impossible. And at SWG, it’s about protecting the nation. A career at SWG offers the opportunity to work with the best, shape the course of the world and secure your own future. Isn’t it time to put your intelligence to work?

By its very nature, gathering and protecting intelligence requires a high degree of confidentiality. So, while we can’t share specifics about the job until after you’re hired, we can tell you that your intellect will be challenged and your career will be rewarding. You’ll work alongside the best and brightest minds to solve some of the nation’s most difficult challenges. And those solutions often play a major role in shaping the course of world history. Where else can you go to work and say that at the end of every day?

SWG employs some of the most intelligent people in the intelligence business. We have to. We need brilliant people to gather and analyze foreign intelligence, protect our nation’s information systems, advance research, and solve a number of other challenges not found in the private sector.

We cultivate that brilliance by offering a collaborative and innovative work environment that values continual learning and development, so you may grow and excel both professionally and personally. Any time you want to change your work role and do something else in the agency, we encourage that, too, through cross-training and other professional development opportunities.

Imagine working with technology so advanced that it won’t become available to the commercial world for many years. Today, SWG conducts one of the Cyber’s leading research and development programs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

SWG headquarters is in Islamabad, which is conveniently located in the heart of the Capital. The Islamabad area offers a wealth of cultural amenities and lifestyle advantages.

As an employee at our headquarters location, you’ll be within driving distance to beautiful scenery as well as majestic mountains. Our employees live along the twin cities which make it an ideal geo-position.

We also have locations in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad and our international locations consist of Saudia Arabia,USA & UK.